Cryptocurrency provides us with an easy and quick way to make transactions, but if you want, even more, download the Okane application, with it you can make payments, negotiations and tradings, safely store your coins and receive values instantly. Become a part of the millions of people who believe in this revolution.


Designed for you to do more in less time, the application offers you advantages to make your day to day easier.

Various Blockchains
Lower Rates
Affiliation Program
Commerce Optimization
Market Cap and Blog

Your digital wallet
always with you!

Our technology guarantees the anonymity of your funds and transactions. You can count on a new generation of security devices applied to a robust platform to protect against malicious attacks.

As easy as sending an SMS!

In just a few clicks you can negotiate and trade your cryptos to internal and external wallets from anywhere at any time. Buy, sell, trade, receive and stay up to date with real-time news, all in one application.


Okane guarantees reduced rates to further stimulate the use of cryptocurrency in trades and day-to-day trading.

Sending and receiving from external wallets: 0.1%
Sending and receiving between Okane wallets: 0.05%


Okane was also created to bring together traders and consumers who believe and invest in the power of technology. Beneficial for those who pay, as well as for those who receive.

Have Okane technology available to your customers and give them an innovative payment option where they can pay by using cryptocurrency.
From now on, all you have to take when shopping is your cell phone! Use the technology and ease of Okane at any of your favorite stores.

Affiliation Program

We want you to be our partner! Get even more benefits with Okane by helping us broaden our message in delivering value to more people. To participate, you only need to invite your network of contacts to use Okane, and with each transaction your affiliates receive, you RECEIVE 50% of the fee charged. The more contacts you invite to participate in Okane, the more you will earn! It’s as simple as that!


If you have any questions or concerns feel free to send us an email.
We are at your disposal. Best Regards, The Okane Team